About of Taishi Asada

About of Taishi Asada

Article written on Jan 28, 2019


Hi, I'm Taishi Asada.
This time I'm going to write something light about me.


I love hamburgers, Coke, and chocolate.
and chocolate.

Table of contents

1. ideal image in me
∟Strength to survive
∟Question quality
∟Physically impossible

2. important words
∟curiosity, desire to learn, challenge, action, continue, grow, walk the talk

3.effective human

image to be created
My ideal image is someone who can do everything by himself, someone who can live on his own.
(A person with high human power).
Of course, there is a saying that it is only with the help of the people around you.
But in my mind, I don't want to say that, I just want to acquire the ability to survive on my own.
I want to have the strength to survive on my own, and then get help from others.
Why do I think that?
Simply because I'm not good enough, and even if I get help from others, I'm still not good enough.
If I'm not good enough, they won't want to help me, right?
Well, because it's easy. (laughs)
Don't you think so?
I want to do ____.
But I don't know how. I'll ask someone.
I'll ask, make an appointment.
I'll ask for help, make an appointment, learn from them, thank them, and so on.
It's a pain in the ass. (laughs).

I've always known that I have the ability to do things to some extent if I study hard enough, so why don't I just do what I can by myself without asking others to do it for me?
That's the reason. (laughs).

And here's the thing.
Things that are impossible to learn on your own.
I want to learn those things from others.
I don't want to ask everything.
I only want others to teach me what I really can't do.
By doing so
The quality of what I can learn is much higher.
That's why I consider the quality of questions I ask older, more experienced people.
I don't ask questions that I can figure out on my own or by searching on Google.
I want to know the answers that are unique to that person.
I try to ask only those questions.
This is my ideal image and what I try to do to achieve it.


Words and actions that I cherish

Desire to learn
Do what you say you will do
I value this sequence of events.
I'm trying to keep it in my mind.
First of all

Curiosity is a fundamental desire to explore things. It is an emotion that is the root of intellectual activities such as spontaneous investigation, learning, and researching the nature of things. Many species of animals with relatively high intelligence, including humans, exhibit behaviors that suggest the existence of this emotion (see below).
From Wikipedia

Curiosity, interest...
I think it's a great source of other words.
So how do we get curious?
Well, maybe it's something you're born with.
Or maybe I'm just weird.
(Anyway, I'm interested in all kinds of things, things I don't know.)
To answer your question.
If I had to answer, I would say that I try to focus on what I don't like and what I'm not good at.
It's not that I like something.
You don't have to focus on what you like, but you will be attracted to it.
That's why I try to focus on the things I'm not good at, and that leads to new discoveries and interest.
And when you have curiosity.
Your desire to learn will increase tremendously.

To fight.
To challenge someone to a fight.
To challenge an opponent to a fight.
 To challenge an opponent.
To attempt to do something difficult.
 To be determined to do something difficult.

To go beyond what you think is your limit.
It's impossible.
You can't do that.
I want to challenge things that people around me, including myself, think are impossible.

I got this idea from
I got this idea from swinging a bat when I was in a baseball club.

If you've ever played baseball, you know what I mean.
When you swing a bat, you attach a weight to it.
Then you swing it.
And when you take it off and swing it again
It feels so much lighter.

It's the same thing.
If you take on a big challenge
If you take on a big challenge, small problems will seem light.
I'd like to keep challenging myself to go beyond my limits.

Next time


I think this is very important.
What is it? Personality?
When I think of something, I want to act immediately.
So I take action. So I act.
But in my mind, I think carefully before I act.
I think backwards from the patterns of success and failure.
I have a plan that will work no matter which way the situation goes, and then I take action.
It's easy to correct after a failure.

By the way, this patterned behavior is
I learned this behavior while I was backpacking.
Backpacking is
It's a series of failures and troubles.
Especially when you're on the move. LOL!
You can't buy a ticket.
I couldn't buy a ticket, I didn't show up on time.
Or not arriving on time.
I think about all of these patterns before I leave.
Before I leave, I carefully consider the patterns.
That way, I can travel safely and efficiently.
You can move safely and efficiently.

That's where this idea comes from.


Continuity is power.
That's what my teacher said when I was in junior high school.

Continuation is difficult.
And if you continue, it will lead to something.

And this is the biggest thing.

If you keep at it, people will trust you.
This is important. It will show up on the test.

If you quit anything too soon
If you quit anything too soon, people will say, "He quit again.
That's why I think it's very important to keep going.
That's why I think it's very important to keep going. In everything.

Next time


I love to grow.
In the words of Ichiro
"Growth is not something you can see for yourself, but something others can judge.

I can tell if I have grown or not by the reactions of those around me.
I am looking forward to seeing their reactions increase, and I am determined to see how much more I can do.

How to grow up
I believe that in order to grow, you have to be thorough with all of the words above.

Last but not least

Do what you say

The word "do-or-die" means to accomplish what you say, no matter what. By saying out loud what your goals are, you will have a strong will to achieve them, and you will be able to take action to achieve them. The opposite of "saying and doing" is "not saying and doing. The opposite of "saying and doing" is "doing nothing," which means to accomplish something without telling anyone.

This is what I value the most.

I used to think it was cool to do things without saying anything.
I used to think it was cool to do things without saying them.

I believe that saying and doing is the best way to gain the trust of those around you.
I believe that doing what you say leads to trust.

If you keep doing this, you will be able to achieve what you have said.
If you keep doing this.
"Oh, he's trying to do something.
I believe this will lead to "Oh, he's trying to do something.
I believe this will lead to
I believe that having people's support is
It's important to have people's support.

I myself don't trust people who are all talk.
I don't trust people who only talk.

I don't trust people who just talk and talk. Isn't that what you think?
And I don't want people to think that.
And I don't want people to think that, because I think that's the end of the world.

That's why I believe in doing what I say.

And with this in mind.
I have to be careful about what I say.
And now that I've said it
I can take action.
It is also a word that strengthens my will.

About efficient people

I'm an efficient person.

I hate wasted actions, wasted expenses, and wasted time.

In order to be able to move efficiently
For example, I don't like unplanned trips.

For example, I don't really like unplanned trips.
I don't like unplanned trips, because you have to plan after you get there.
It's just a waste of time.
It's a waste of time.
Well, if there is no place I want to go after planning, I will move without a plan.

When I'm by myself
I don't want to spend money unnecessarily as much as possible.
I only need to pay the necessary expenses.
That's why I stay in the wild and cook for myself.
I don't care about food as long as I can stomach it.
I don't mind sleeping outside as long as it's safe.

But when I'm with someone, I want to spend money and stay in a nice place.
I want to spend money and stay in a nice place.
I want to spend money and stay at nice places and eat good food.
So don't worry.

That's all.
about Taishi Asada.