dunia tiny 19cm

dunia tiny 19cm


For people with a wrist circumference of about 17cm

In Swahili, it means the world, the earth, the earth.
In Swahili, everything.

The materials are
silver925 (fastener)
Karen Silver 95%
navajo silver beads
czech glass beads
Zuni beads
african glass beads
Peru ceramic beads
venetian glass beads
french old glass beads
indonesia glass beads
indian glass beads

Some beads are not used depending on the work.
but I try to use beads from various countries as much as possible.

hope borderless and genderless world
hope  heartful and peaceful world

- The length is the length including the adjuster part.
It may be ± 0.5 cm to 1 cm(0.2inch~0.4inch)

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